Venous Interventional Radiology With Clinical Perspectives

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by Scott J. Savader (Editor), Scott O. Trerotola (Editor)

Venous Interventional Radiology With Clinical Perspectives

by Scott J. Savader (Editor), Scott O. Trerotola (Editor)

The world's most authoritative work on the topic of venous intervention. -- Gary J. Becker, MD

In the three years since publication of the first edition, venous interventions have increased to the point that they now constitute up to 75% of a typical day's procedures in most vascular and interventional radiology practices. These procedures are extremely important to the interventionalist, vascular surgeon, internist, payer, and of course, to the patient, who depends on them being performed with skill and care.

In this book, you have at your fingertips the most comprehensive, thorough and systematic approach to venous interventional radiology available today. The second edition has been fully updated and expanded by 14 chapters and includes many more clinical correlations. You will find full coverage of underlying concepts, techniques and procedures, including:

      • Hot venous topics such as peripheral venous thrombolysis for deep vein thrombosis, treatment of failing and failed hemodialysis access, placement and management of ports, diagnosis and intervention for thromboembolic disease, and the use of temporary inferior vena cava filters
      • The all important clinical perspective, covering not only the disease process, but also the patient workup, outcome analysis, indications, contraindications, risks and cost effectiveness of each procedure
      • An important chapter on surgical options added to the chapter on chronic venous insufficiency
      • Hundreds of clear illustrations and photographs that highlight every topic

For both the interventionalist, who will find the book a blueprint to the field, and the clinician, who will refer to it as an outstanding source of patient management guidance on new interventional procedures, this book is essential.


Praise for the first edition:

Brilliant...definitely recommended... will evolve into a standard... --Chicago Medicine Well organized, excellent reference...and how-to guide... -- Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology

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