Understanding Terrestrial Microbial Communities (Advances in Environmental Microbiology) 1st ed. 2019 Edition

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by Christon J. Hurst  (Editor)

Understanding Terrestrial Microbial Communities (Advances in Environmental Microbiology) 1st ed. 2019 Edition

by Christon J. Hurst  (Editor)

This book presents a summary of terrestrial microbial processes, which are a key factor in supporting healthy life on our planet. The authors explain how microorganisms maintain the soil ecosystem through recycling carbon and nitrogen and then provide insights into how soil microbiology processes integrate into ecosystem science, helping to achieve successful bioremediation as well as safe and effective operation of landfills, and enabling the design of composting processes that reduce the amount of waste that is placed in landfills. The book also explores the effect of human land use, including restoration on soil microbial communities and the response of wetland microbial communities to anthropogenic pollutants. Lastly it discusses the role of fungi in causing damaging, and often lethal, infectious diseases in plants and animals.

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  • Series: Advances in Environmental Microbiology (Book 6)
  • Hardcover: 405 pages
  • Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2019 edition (March 28, 2019)
  • Language: English