Understanding Cancer Therapies 1st Edition

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by Prakash Srinivasan Timiri Shanmugam (Author)

Understanding Cancer Therapies 1st Edition

by Prakash Srinivasan Timiri Shanmugam (Author)

This book is an introduction to cancer treatment, the basics of radio- and chemotherapy, drug actions, the eradication of cancer cells, and the origins and persistence of pharmacological and toxicological effects of drugs. It further provides ideas for research based on knowledge of cancer metastasis, invasive and molecular pathways, and diagnosis and treatment. Many of the adaptive features of cancer biology, clinical features, pathology and treatment are reviewed. In addition to introducing the major themes and theories, the book also advances the current discussion by moving beyond explanations for clinical implementation.


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  • Hardcover: 184 pages
  • Publisher: CRC Press; 1 edition (March 29, 2018)
  • Language: English