Ultrasound-Guided Procedures Illustrated

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de Vikram S. Dogra (Author), Wael E. A. Saad (Author)

Ultrasound-Guided Procedures Illustrated

de Vikram S. Dogra (Author), Wael E. A. Saad (Author)

Step-by-step instruction for using ultrasound in image-guided procedures

This handbook is a practical reference for the full range of common and complex ultrasound-guided procedures frequently performed in clinical practice. Divided into four sections, this book provides in-depth guidelines from renowned specialists for how to perform ultrasound-guided biopsies, how to utilize ultrasound to obtain access for interventional procedures and perform drainage, and how to perform ultrasound-guided percutaneous therapy and sonohysterography.


  • Detailed coverage of such key procedures as thyroid biopsy, breast biopsy, sonohysterography, superficial lymph node biopsy, musculoskeletal interventions, and more
  • Concise bullet-point format that aids rapid reading and review of indications, contraindications, equipment, technique and post-procedural evaluation and possible complications and their management
  • More than 600 high-quality images and illustrations that clarify complex concepts

Ideal as a refresher to be consulted prior to performing a procedure, this book is a valuable resource for practicing radiologists, radiology residents and fellows, sonographers, and clinicians in obstetrics and gynecology, and in emergency medicine.

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