Ultrasound Evaluation of the Normal Knee

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Ultrasound Evaluation of the Normal Knee


  • Normal knee anatomy
  • Ultrasound characteristics of normal knee anatomy
  • Scan techniques to evaluate the anterior, medial, lateral, and posterior knee
  • Scan techniques and protocol for evaluating the knee
  • Limitations and pitfalls associated with the ultrasound evaluation of the knee


  1. Increase the participant's knowledge to better perform and/or interpret MSK ultrasound examinations
  2. Recognize ultrasound characteristics associated with the normal knee
  3. Apply scan techniques and protocols to evaluate the knee
  4. Increase confidence to incorporate protocols, techniques & interpretation criteria to improve MSK diagnostic/treatment accuracy


Date of Original Release: 3/21/2017
This edition valid for credit through: 3/21/2020

Video Length: 00:57:00