UCSF Radiology Review – Comprehensive Fundamentals – Videos + PDF

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UCSF Radiology Review – Comprehensive Fundamentals – Videos + PDF

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An Acclaimed Review of Radiology Fundamentals

UCSF Radiology Review – Comprehensive Fundamentals is appropriate for residents, clinical fellows and practicing radiologists interested in updating their working knowledge, by covering all the major radiology subspecialties. The course represents the breadth and depth of experience from each subspecialty while providing a step-by-step process for reaching a differential diagnosis.

This board review will help you to:

  • Identify imaging fundamentals of each of the radiology sub-specialties and major organ systems
  • Prescribe the appropriate utilization of imaging modalities (CT, MR, US, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine) for different medical conditions
  • Implement the appropriate imaging protocols for routine clinical presentations
  • Recognize indications and markers for interventional procedures, as well as assessment of outcomes
  • Apply classifications of pathophysiological mechanisms underlying human disease to facilitate differential diagnosis
  • Refine imaging criteria to optimize image quality/findings and improve diagnostic interpretation

Discover New Guidelines

A comprehensive clinical update, this learn-at-your-own-pace course in radiology provides up to45 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits ™. Available online, it provides access to unbiased, evidence-based content and case-based reviews so you can expand your knowledge and incorporate the latest guidelines into your daily practice.

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Provider: University of California San Francisco

Course Directors:
Jesse Courtier, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology

Brett M. Elicker, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology
Chief, Cardiac and Pulmonary Imaging

Credits: Earn a maximum of 45 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits ™

Nuclear Medicine

  • Gastrointestinal – Thomas A. Hope, MD
  • Whole Body Oncology – Thomas A. Hope, MD
  • Genitourinary – Spencer C. Behr, MD
  • Thyroid/Parathyroid – Miguel H. Pampaloni, MD, PhD
  • Cardiac – Miguel H. Pampaloni, MD, PhD
  • Pulmonary – David M. Naeger, MD
  • Quality Control – David M. Naeger, MD
  • Unknown Case Review – David M. Naeger, MD
  • Brain Imaging – Randall A. Hawkins, MD, PhD
  • Musculoskeletal – Carina Mari Aparici, MD

CT/MR Physics and Safety

  • CT: Practical Physics for the Radiologist – Michael A. Ohliger, MD, PhD
  • MR: Practical Physics for the Radiologist – Michael A. Ohliger, MD, PhD
  • CT/MR Safety: What You Need to Know – John T. Mongan, MD, PhD
  • CT/MR: Intravenous Contrast – Brett M. Elicker, MD


  • Key Points in the First Trimester – Liina Poder, MD
  • Female Pelvis: Uterus/Adnexa – Liina Poder, MD
  • Key Points in the Second Trimester – Ruth B. Goldstein, MD
  • Key Points: Thyroid Imaging/Biopsy – Ruth B. Goldstein, MD
  • Fetal Abnormalities: Most Relevant – Vickie A. Feldstein, MD
  • Vascular Ultrasound – Stefanie Weinstein, MD
  • Abdomen – Tara Morgan, MD
  • Genitourinary – Jessica H. Hayward, MD
  • Technical Tips / Artifacts – John T. Mongan, MD, PhD
  • Unknown Case Review – Lori M. Strachowski, MD
  • Unknown Case Review: US – Anthony L. Filly, MD

Breast Imaging

  • Masses and Asymmetries – Kimberly M. Ray, MD
  • Calcifications – Heather I. Greenwood, MD
  • Breast MRI – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD
  • Radiology-Pathology Concordance – Amie Y. Lee, MD
  • Breast Ultrasound – Jessica H. Hayward, MD
  • Unknown Case Review – Rita I. Freimanis, MD
  • Unknown Case Review – Lori M. Strachowski, MD


  • Genitourinary – Jesse Courtier, MD
  • Gastrointestinal – Jesse Courtier, MD
  • Important Abdominal Masses – Jesse Courtier, MD
  • Musculoskeletal: Key Concepts – Matthew Zapala, MD, PhD
  • Chest – Matthew Zapala, MD, PhD
  • Cardiac – Andrew S. Phelps, MD
  • Don’t Miss Unknown Case Review – Andrew S. Phelps, MD


  • Benign Gynecologic Disease – Liina Poder, MD
  • Malignant Gynecologic Disease – Michael A.Ohliger, MD, PhD
  • Renal & Adrenal Masses – Antonio C. Westphalen, MD, PhD
  • Unknown Case Review: GU – Antonio C. Westphalen, MD, PhD
  • Non-Tumorous Renal Disease – Emily M. Webb, MD
  • Bladder, Prostate, Urethra – Derek Sun, MD


  • Classification of Brain Tumors – Soonmee Cha, MD
  • Stroke – Bhavya Rehani, MD
  • Markers for Head Trauma – Esther L. Yuh, MD, PhD
  • Brain Infections – Jason F. Talbott, MD, PhD
  • Pediatric Neuro Essentials – Orit A. Glenn, MD
  • Head & Neck Primer – Alina Uzelac, DO
  • Neurovascular Anatomy and Masses – Daniel L. Cooke, MD
  • Spinal Imaging (Osseous) – Vinil Shah, MD
  • Spinal Cord and Case Review – Erik H.L. Gaensler, MD


  • Vascular Diagnosis – Miles B. Conrad, MD, MPH
  • Arterial Interventions – Evan Lehrman, MD
  • Venous Interventions – Mark W. Wilson, MD
  • Non-Vascular Interventional – Nicholas Fidelman, MD
  • Unknown Case Review – Sujal Nanavati, MD


  • Fluoroscopy – Spencer C. Behr, MD
  • Acute Abdomen – Derek Sun, MD
  • Pancreas – Judy Yee, MD
  • Biliary Tract – Benjamin M. Yeh, MD
  • Unknown Case Review – Benjamin M. Yeh, MD
  • Liver Disease – Thomas A. Hope, MD


  • Skeletal Trauma: Extremeties – Terry C.P. Lynch, MD
  • Arthritis and Infection – Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
  • Shoulder: Rotator Cuff and Instability – Daria Motamedi, MD
  • Knee: Meniscus and Ligaments – Daria Motamedi, MD
  • Metabolic and Osteoporosis – Daria Motamedi, MD
  • Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions – Robert D. Boutin, MD
  • Unknown Case Review – Robert D. Boutin, MD
  • Unknown Case Review – Matthew D. Bucknor, MD


  • Acquired Heart Disease: CT/MRI – Karen G. Ordovás, MD
  • Congenital Heart Disease: CT/MRI – Karen G. Ordovás, MD
  • Unknown Case Review – Karen G. Ordovás, MD
  • Aorta, Coronaries, Pulmonary Arteries – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • HRCT of the Lung: Findings-Based – Part 1 – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • HRCT of the Lung: Findings-Based – Part 2 – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • Chest Radiograph: the Lost Art – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • Interactive Cases: Chest – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • PET/CT of Pulmonary Nodules – David M. Naeger, MD
  • The Tumor Formerly Known as BAC – David M. Naeger, MD
  • Lung Cancer Staging – David M. Naeger, MD
  • Pulmonary Infections – Travis S. Henry, MD
  • Mediastinal Masses – Travis S. Henry, MD

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