UCSF Radiology Review – Clinical Highlights 2014 – Videos + PDF

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UCSF Radiology Review – Clinical Highlights 2014 – Videos + PDF

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Series Release: March 16, 2014
Series Expiration: March 15, 2017 (deadline to register for credit)

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Learn from Authoritative Teachers

This comprehensive review is brought to you by the world-renowned faculty of UCSF, led by Program Co-Chairs, Robert K. Kerlan, Jr, MD and Liina Poder, MD. Drs. Kerlan and Poder and their UCSF colleagues will help you to better:

  • Incorporate recent advances in ultrasound, MR and CT into your clinical practice
  • Understand a wide variety of imaging topics and subspecialties, including gastrointestinal, genitourinary, neuro, musculoskeletal, breast, cardiac, vascular, pulmonary, interventional, and pediatric
  • Develop a systematic approach to troubleshooting diagnostic imaging and clinical treatment problems

Convenient CME

At Oakstone, we understand that you need the most efficient and effective CME available. UCSF Radiology Review: Clinical Highlights meets your needs: With an online, you can improve your imaging practice and earn CME credit where you want, at times that fit your schedule. Learn on your own or with your colleagues via our Additional User Package, and add our Printed Syllabus to keep as a clinical reference. You’ll earn up to 31.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits ™ after successful completion of an activity evaluation and post-test.

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  • Clinical Focus: Bariatric – Jonathan T. Carter, MD
  • Discussion – Jonathan T. Carter, MD; Antonio C. Westphalen, MD
  • MR Enterography – Thomas Hope, MD
  • Updates in Gastrointestinal PET/CT – Miguel H. Pampaloni, MD, PhD
  • Cystic Pancreatic Mass – Emily M. Webb, MD
  • Imaging of the Appendix: Tips & Tricks – Emily M. Webb, MD
  • Bariatric Surgery: A Surgeon’s Perspective – Antonio C. Westphalen, MD
  • Imaging the Bariatric Patient – Antonio C. Westphalen, MD
  • Fatty Structures of the Abdomen and Pelvis – Benjamin M. Yeh, MD
  • Focal Liver Masses – Benjamin M. Yeh, MD


  • Updates in Genitourinary PET/CT – Spencer C. Behr, MD
  • Abdominal Transplant Imaging – Liina Poder, MD
  • Mimics of Gynecologic Malignancy – Liina Poder, MD
  • MR in Pregnancy – Liina Poder, MD
  • Adrenal Masses: a Practical Approach – Z. Jane Wang, MD
  • Renal Mass Evaluation: Pearls & Pitfalls – Z. Jane Wang, MD
  • Abdomen & Pelvis: Pearls and Pitfalls – Antonio C. Westphalen, MD
  • MRI of the Prostate: a Practical Approach – Antonio C. Westphalen, MD
  • Renal Tumor Ablation: Results and Imaging Follow-up – Ronald J. Zagoria, MD, FACR


  • Developmental Delay – A. James Barkovich, MD
  • Brain Tumor Update – Soonmee Cha, MD
  • Practical Tips: Aneurysm Therapy – Daniel L. Cooke, MD
  • Myelopathy: Case Review – William P. Dillon, MD
  • Non-CNS Vascular Anomalies – Christopher P. Hess, MD, PhD
  • Spine Infections – Jason Talbott, MD, PhD
  • Sella – David M. Wilson, MD, PhD
  • Neck Mass Review – Esther L. Yuh, MD, PhD


  • MRI of ACL: Tears, Grafts and More – David P. Fessell, MD
  • MRI of Ankle Tendon Pathology – David P. Fessell, MD
  • Bone Interventions, Biopsies and RFA – Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
  • New Pulse Sequences for MSK – Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
  • MRI of the Elbow – Lynne S. Steinbach, MD
  • Shoulder: Adhesive Capsulitis – Lynne S. Steinbach, MD

Ultrasound & Breast

  • MRI for Extent of Disease – Natasha Brasic, MD
  • Updates in First Trimester: Threatened Abortion – Natasha Brasic, MD
  • US-Guided Biopsies: Tips & Tricks – Natasha Brasic, MD
  • Film Panel: Ultrasound – Natasha Brasic, MD; Liina Poder, MD
  • Quick Tips for US-Guided Needle Procedures – Vickie A. Feldstein, MD
  • Benign vs. Malignant Lesions: Why Doppler US Does Not Work – Roy A. Filly, MD
  • Clinical Focus: Gynecologic Decision-Making Based on Sonographic Finding – Mindy E. Goldman, MD; Vickie A. Feldstein, MD
  • Thyroid Nodules: Which to Biopsy or Not – Ruth B. Goldstein, MD
  • Instructive Cases in Breast MRI – Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD
  • Current Status on PET in Breast Cancer – Miguel H. Pampaloni, MD, PhD
  • A Practical Approach to Adnexa – Liina Poder, MD
  • MRI-Guided Breast Biopsy: Finer Points – Elissa R. Price, MD
  • Breast Calcifications – Dorota J. Wisner, MD, PhD
  • Stereotactic Core Biopsy – Dorota J. Wisner, MD, PhD

Cardiac & Vascular

  • Peripheral Vascular System: CT/MRI – Miles B. Conrad, MD MPH
  • Acute Aortic Syndromes – Michael D. Hope, MD
  • Lung Cancer Imaging: A Comprehensive Approach – David M. Naeger, MD
  • Cardiac Findings on Routine Chest CT – Karen G. Ordovás, MD
  • Coronary CTA Indications – Karen G. Ordovás, MD
  • CTA of Aortic Stent Grafts – Rajiv Sawhney, MD
  • Postoperative Aorta: What the Surgeon Wants to Know – Elaine E. Tseng, MD; Michael D. Hope, MD


  • HRCT of Diffuse Nodular Lung Disease – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • HRCT of the Lung: a General Approach – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • Lung Fibrosis: Findings and Patterns – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • Small Airways Disease: Findings Based Approach – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • Solitary Pulmonary Nodule – Brett M. Elicker, MD
  • Film Panel: Pulmonary – Brett M. Elicker, MD; Thomas H. Urbania, MD
  • Pulmonary Embolism: CT Update – Thomas H. Urbania, MD


  • Biopsy Tips & Trips – David E. Avrin, MD, PhD
  • Clinical Focus: Interventional Treatment of HCC – Nicholas Fidelman, MD
  • Interventional MRI: A New Frontier – Steven W. Hetts, MD
  • Interventional Treatment of Acute Stroke – Steven W. Hetts, MD
  • Portal Hypertension: The Usual and Unusual – Robert K. Kerlan Jr., MD
  • Updates in Fibroid Treatments – Maureen P. Kohi, MD
  • Updates in Percutaneous Renal Tumor Ablation – Jeanne M. LaBerge, MD
  • Clinical Focus: Hepatocellular Cancer – Francis Y.K. Yao, MD
  • Discussion – Francis Y.K. Yao, MD; Nicholas Fidelman, MD


  • MRI of Pediatric Small Bowel – Jesse Courtier, MD
  • Update on Pediatric Liver MRI – Jesse Courtier, MD
  • 10 Common Mistakes in Pediatric MSK Imaging – John D. MacKenzie, MD
  • Film Panel: Pediatric – John D. MacKenzie, MD; Jesse Courtier, MD
  • Imaging Transitions: Fetus to Neonate – Peter Marcovici, MD
  • Pediatric Ultrasound: Updates – Andrew Phelps, MD