Thyroid Imaging

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Thyroid Imaging

This course made possible in part by an unrestricted educational grant from Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.

This Online Course covers the breadth and depth of the field of thyroid imaging. Lectures will include: Thyroid Nodules/Cancer Demographics, Risk Factors; Benign Diseases of the Thyroid; Neck CT/MR Staging of Thyroid Cancer; Ultrasound of the Post-Operative Neck; and much more! 

Learning Outcomes and Modules

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to; describe MR and CT imaging findings of thyroid cancer; discuss pre and post-operative imaging findings of thyroid cancer; and discuss ultrasound findings of thyroid imaging.

Module 1

      • Benign Diseases of the Thyroid (Multimodality)
      • Thyroid Nodules/Cancer Demographics, Risk Factors
      • Ultrasound of Thyroid—Pattern Approach to Nodules (Or When to Biopsy)
      • Ultrasound/Pathology Correlation of Thyroid Cancer

Module 2

      • Neck CT/MR Staging of Thyroid Cancer
      • Ultrasound of the Post-Operative Neck
      • The Role of Nuclear Medicine in the Staging and Treatment of Thyroid Cancer (PET, I131)
      • Incidental Thyroid Lesions on CT/MR: ACR White Paper Recommendations