The Value of BCG and TNF in Autoimmunity 2nd Edition

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The Value of BCG and TNF in Autoimmunity 2nd Edition


The Value of BCG and TNF in Autoimmune Diseases, Second Edition provides an overview on the current research related to TNF induction and the use of the BCG vaccine as a potential treatment approach to diverse forms of autoimmunity, allergies, infections and neurologic diseases. Since the initial conference (2013) and first edition of this book (2014), the field of BCG research has grown considerably. This new edition contains updates on MS and diabetes, and features at least eight additional chapters on new prevention and treatment trials in autoimmunity and allergy, along with a new understanding of the genetics of BCGs.

  • Brings a different perspective on treatment approaches for certain autoimmune conditions
  • Gives insight into the how the BCG vaccine impacts gene expression and the durability of the BCG vaccines in long lasting clinic effects
  • Discusses TNF induction, rather than anti-TNF, as a therapeutic pathway for autoimmunity treatment
  • Covers new topics, such as the Epigenetics of tuberculosis, BCG in neurological disease, BCG in early childhood and allergy, BCG in large prevention trials, Gene expression of BCG and re-methylation of genes, and more

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  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Academic Press; 2 edition (August 2, 2018)
  • Language: English