The Handbook of Metabolic Phenotyping 1st Edition

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The Handbook of Metabolic Phenotyping 1st Edition


The Handbook of Metabolic Phenotyping is the definitive work on the rapidly developing subject of metabolic phenotyping. It explores in detail the wide array of analytical chemistry and statistical modeling techniques used in the field, coupled with surveys of the various application areas in human development, nutrition, disease, therapy, and epidemiology to create a comprehensive exploration of the area of study. It covers recent studies that integrate the various -omics data sets to derive a systems biology view. It also addresses current issues on standardization, assay and statistics validation, and data storage and sharing. Written by experts with many years of practice in the field who pioneered many of the approaches widely used today, The Handbook of Metabolic Phenotyping is a valuable resource for postgrads and research scientists studying and furthering the field of metabolomics.

  • Contains theoretical and practical explanations of all the main analytical chemistry techniques used in metabolic phenotyping
  • Explores, in detail, the many diverse statistical approaches used in the field
  • Offers practical tips for successfully conducting metabolic phenotyping studies
  • Features reviews of all of the various fields of activity relating to human studies

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  • Paperback: 619 pages
  • Publisher: Elsevier; 1 edition (October 19, 2018)
  • Language: English