Reproducibility in Biomedical Research: Epistemological and Statistical Problems 1st Edition

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by Erwin B. Montgomery (Author)

Reproducibility in Biomedical Research: Epistemological and Statistical Problems 1st Edition

by Erwin B. Montgomery (Author)

Reproducibility in Biomedical Research explores the ideas and conundrums inherent in scientific research. Reproducibility is a significant concern within biomedical research. How can any biomedical researcher be sure her or his research will not be found reproducible or been compromised by the potentially irreproducible work of other scientists on which she or he depends? Within this concern lies the question of multiple types of reproducibility and how research becomes irreproducible. Contributing factors have often been confined to considerations of fraud, transparency, or statistical rigor; however, there evidence of other factors including experimental design and logic used. This book explores factors of reproducibility including logic, distinguishing productive from unproductive irreproducibility, the scientific method, and the use of statistics. In multiple examples and six detailed case studies, this book demonstrates the misuse of logic resulting in unproductive irreproducibility, allowing researchers to develop their own logic and planning abilities. Biomedical researchers, clinicians, administrators of scientific institutions and funding agencies, journal editors, philosophers of science and medicine will find the arguments and explorations of Reproducibility in Biomedical Research a valuable addition to their libraries.

  • Considers the meaning and purpose of reproducibility to help design research
  • Reviews famous case studies of alleged irreproducibility to determine if these could be reproducible
  • Provides a theoretical aspect to practical issues surrounding research design and conduct

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  • Paperback: 290 pages
  • Publisher: Academic Press; 1 edition (March 15, 2019)
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