Polypropylene-Based Biocomposites and Bionanocomposites (Thermoplastic Bionanocomposites Series) 1st Edition

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by Visakh P. M. (Editor), Matheus Poletto (Editor)


Polypropylene-Based Biocomposites and Bionanocomposites (Thermoplastic Bionanocomposites Series) 1st Edition

by Visakh P. M. (Editor), Matheus Poletto (Editor)

This book discusses new developments in an up-to-date, coherent and objective set of chapters by eminent researchers in the area of polypropylene-based biocomposites and bionanocomposites. It covers, biomaterials such as cellulose, chitin, starch, soy protein, hemicelluloses, polylactic acid and polyhydroxyalkanoates. Other important topics such as hybrid biocomposites and bionanocomposites of polypropylene, biodegradation study of polypropylene-based biocomposites and bionanocomposites, polypropylene-based bionanocomposites for packaging applications, polypropylene-based carbon nanomaterials reinforced nanocomposites, degradation and flame retardency of  polypropylene-based composites and nanocomposites, are covered as well.

Product details

  • Series: Thermoplastic Bionanocomposites Series
  • Hardcover: 372 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley-Scrivener; 1 edition (January 16, 2018)
  • Language: English