Nanotechnology-Based Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Lung Cancer 1st Edition

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by Prashant Kesharwani (Editor)


Nanotechnology-Based Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Lung Cancer 1st Edition

by Prashant Kesharwani (Editor)

Nanotechnology-based Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Lung Cancer is an indispensable resource that will help pharmaceutical scientists and clinical researchers design and develop novel drug delivery systems and devices for the treatment of lung cancer. As recent breakthroughs in nanomedicine are now making it possible to deliver drugs, genes and therapeutic agents to localized areas of disease to maximize clinical benefit, while also limiting unwanted side effects, this book explores promising approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer using cutting-edge nanomedical technologies. Topics discussed include polymeric nanoparticles, solid lipid nanoparticles, liposomes, dendrimers, micelles and nanoemulsions.

  • Provides an overview of an array of nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems
  • Examines the design, synthesis and application of different nanocarriers in drug and gene delivery
  • Provides an in-depth understanding of the design of targeted nanotherapeutics and technologies and its implication in various site-specific cancers

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