MRI of the Elbow (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe – 21. Februar 2018

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von Reto Sutter (Herausgeber)

MRI of the Elbow (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe – 21. Februar 2018

von Reto Sutter (Herausgeber)

MRI of the Elbow
Elbow injuries are regularly evaluated in the radiological practice. However, literature regarding the elbow joint is less abundant than for other joints, and radiologists and clinicians talk about various ‘blind spots’ when it comes to elbow imaging. Furthermore, imaging of athletes can be especially challenging. This book, edited by Reto Sutter, fills that gap with its clear
structure and covers all key topics. This publication is a compact companion and a practical reference for resident doctors,
radiologists, surgeons, and everyone involved in sports medicine. Individual chapters are devoted to a wide range of topics such as athletic overuse injuries, tendon and osseous injuries or nerve compression. MR imaging techniques and the anatomy are reviewed in detail, and the book contains many didactic illustrations for easy visualization of important anatomical structures and concepts. The authors from the ESSR Sports Imaging Subcommittee are renowned experts in their fields and explain the topics in a comprehensible way.

Features include:
– More than 400 illustrations and MR images
– A unique didactic concept
– An excellent educational guide for radiologists and surgeons
– Provides a practical reference for imaging techniques and protocols



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