MedQuest Reviews USMLE Step 2 2016

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MedQuest Reviews USMLE Step 2 2016

Welcome to the launch of our course for USMLE step 2!

This course is intended for third and fourth year level students who need to make sure they do fantastically on Step 2 USMLE the very first time they take the test.

Do all your USMLE Step 2 preparation in under 50 hours!

This course is also useful for learning throughout the year as a yearlong curriculum for your clinical rotations. The MedQuest course is taught by the authors of the best-selling USMLE Step 2 book in the world!  Dr. Conrad Fischer takes his 25 years of teaching for COMLEX and USMLE and uses it to help you not just pass, but to Kick A$$!

This course is also useful for shelf exam preparation which has become increasingly important. Master the Boards: Step 2 (link is external) can be used as a reference book, but this course is not a reading of power point slides and does not simply read a book to you that you can read on your own.  The MedQuest course helps you to synthesize, on the board, like really being in the classroom with Dr. Fischer and his team.