Medicinal Chemistry 1st Edition

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by Norma K Dunlap (Author), Donna M Huryn  (Author)


Medicinal Chemistry 1st Edition

by Norma K Dunlap (Author), Donna M Huryn  (Author)

Medicinal Chemistry teaches essential concepts by focusing on how the field is actually practiced, melding real-world research experience with basic principles and modern methods. Written by practicing medicinal chemists, this textbook is intended for advanced undergraduates and first-year graduate students in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry.  Pre-medical or pre-pharmacy students and professionals entering the drug discovery field will also find it a useful reference.  Building on a foundation of synthetic organic chemistry and structural biology, the book interweaves therapeutics, case studies, historical context, and techniques for discovering, developing, and optimizing new drugs. Chapters are richly illustrated and include problems and annotated journal references with accompanying exercises and answers.


  • Authored by practicing medicinal chemists―melding real-world research experience with basic concepts and up-to-date methods
  • Flexible in presentation― the first five chapters provide a conceptual foundation and historical understanding of the field; subsequent chapters explore the application of concepts. Chapters can be assigned in order of instructor preference and desired emphasis
  • Presents easy-to-follow tables and descriptions of assays next to their relevance to medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, along with target values―information rarely found all in one place, but is a crucial reference
  • Case studies and Journal Club use current literature to apply concepts from the text to real-life examples. They are also suitable for flipped classrooms and self-study

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  • Paperback: 508 pages
  • Publisher: Garland Science; 1 edition (April 17, 2018)
  • Language: English