M.Canfield Willis's Medical Terminology 2nd

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by M.Canfield Willis (Author)

M.Canfield Willis's Medical Terminology 2nd

by M.Canfield Willis (Author)

With this powerful resource, you will master the intricacies of applied medical terminology through the real-world context of the medical record, which will teach you exactly how terms are used in clinical practice settings.

A preview of what you'll find in this edition:

—Four-color design that features rich diagrams and illustrations to enhance comprehension

—Bonus CD that includes Stedman's audio pronunciations, and student assessments that provide reinforcement in a fun way while evaluating learning chapter by chapter. Quizzes provide scored results, and can be taken one section at a time within a chapter or as complete chapter exams.

—Each chapter of the text includes features that enhance the learning experience, such as:

      • "Ancient Artifacts" boxes that cover the historical background of commonly used terms
      • Practice exercises that test comprehension and retention
      • Medical Record Analyses that challenge students with scenarios and questions related to real-world experience
      • Links to helpful online resources

—Valuable appendices that explore term components, abbreviations, symbols, answers to exercises and a listing of commonly used drugs


Product Details

  • Series: Medical Terminology: The Language of Health Care ( Willis)
  • Paperback: 648 pages
  • Publisher: LWW; Second edition (March 31, 2005)
  • Language: English.
    Type : PDF