Lab Exercises in Microbiology, 5th Edition

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Lab Exercises in Microbiology, 5th Edition


The microbiology laboratory is a place of diagnosis and discovery; to students of nursing and allied health, it is their opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the many microorganisms they will meet every day. Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology provides a comprehensive, yet efficient introduction to the techniques and microbial occupants of the lab, maximizing each period with minimal preparation and more hands-on training. Rather than repeat the material students learn in their lecture course, this book extends the learning experience with a focus on activities and experiments that promote a deeper understanding of microbiology concepts and principles.

This new Fifth Edition has been updated with new quick references and photomicrographs to further enhance student comprehension of all 27 exercises, which are organized by theme to cover General Microscopy and Aseptic Technique, Microbial Morphology and Differential Stains, Microbial Control and Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology, and Food and Environmental Microbiology. With an engaging style and a focus on active learning, this book offers students a well-rounded foundation in modern microbiology laboratory methods. 

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