iScience, the ACC.18 Meeting on Demand™ Program

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iScience, the ACC.18 Meeting on Demand™ Program

iScience, the ACC.18 Meeting on Demand™ Program is a CME/CNE/MOC accredited comprehensive digital library with 340 hours1of presentations from ACC.18, the ACC’s 67th Annual Scientific Session. You’ll receive access to 240 sessions and more than 1,500 presentations covering the following 11 learning pathways:

  1. Acute and Stable Ischemic Heart Disease
  2. Arrhythmias and Clinical Electrophysiology
  3. Congenital Heart Disease
  4. Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies
  5. Interventional Cardiology
  6. Non Invasive Imaging (Echocardiography, Nuclear, PET, MR and CT)
  7. Prevention
  8. Pulmonary Hypertension and Venous Thromboembolic Disease
  9. Special Topics
  10. Valvular Heart Disease
  11. Vascular Medicine

Content Lising

Acute and Stable Ischemic Heart Disease
519 – 17th Annual Maseri-Florio International Keynote
520 – Management of Non-culprit Lesions in STEMI Patients With Multivessel Coronary Artery Disease: Is it Really a Small World After All?
527 – The Impact of Guidelines on Risk Reduction: International Perspectives from the National Heart Association of Malaysia, Taiwan Society of Cardiology, and American College of Cardiology
600 – Life After Coronary Revascularization: Are We Still on the Roller Coaster?
608 – Managing Angina: Main Street, or Adventureland?
623 – Coronary Care Unit Clinical Conundrums: Alice in Wonderland
638 – Logistical and Clinical Challenges in MI Systems of Care: Islands of Adventure
650 – Myocardial Ischemia and Non Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease (MINOCA)
651 – The Mad Hatter’s Approach to Refractory Angina Management: Debates on Out-of-the Box Therapies
663 – Evaluation of Low Risk Chest Pain in the Emergency Department/Chest Pain Center
664 – Controversies in ACS Guidelines
679 – The Athlete With Ischemic Heart Disease: What Do I Do Now?
692 – The Science and Magic of Decision Making: The Hogwart’s Approach to Ischemic Heart Disease
707 – Beauty Versus the Beast: Implications of Gender in Cardiovascular Disease
708 – Adoption of High Sensitivity Troponin Assays in the United States
720 –  The Coronary Microcirculation: Where Interventionalists and Physiologists Meet
730 – Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: A Real Villain
731 –  Acute Cardiogenic Shock: Progress, Paradigms, and Problems
746 – Analyzing the Data: Blockbuster Trials in Acute and Stable Ischemic Heart Disease
747 –  Challenges in NSTEMI Management
761 –  What is the PROMISE of ISCHEMIA: Now Thrown Into ORBITA?
762 –  Next Generation Cardiac Rehabilitation: More Than A Gym?
802 – ACS Update: What Would You Do?


Arrhythmias and Clinical EP

512 – Sudden Death and Arrhythmia Management: How do Guidelines Impact on Health Care
523 – Atrial Fibrillation – The Big Picture: International Perspectives From the European Society of Cardiology II and American College of Cardiology
526 – Sudden Cardiac Death: The Asian Perspective: International Perspectives from the ACC China Chapter, Singapore Cardiac Society, and American College of Cardiology
607 – Arrhythmia Controversies That All Cardiologists Need to Master: Joint Symposium of the Heart Rhythm Society and the American College of Cardiology
622 – Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: Choosing the Best Anticoagulant in Special Populations
637 – Debate: Anticoagulation for Device Detected Atrial High Rates Episodes
662 – What Do the New Guidelines Say? Lessons for the Clinical Cardiologist
678 – Arrhythmia and Genes: We Got the Beat!
691 – Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion for AF: Who, How and When?
705 – Ventricular Tachycardia in the Normal Heart: When Should I Worry?
706 – Anticoagulation Dilemmas
719 – Arrhythmias Potpourri: We Got Rhythm!
729 –  Anticoagulation Challenges in Patients With Dysrhythmias
744 –  What’s New for 2018? A Case-Based Discussion of Atrial Arrhythmias
745 – Managing Premature Ventricular Contractions: Myths, Facts, and Revolutionary Techniques
759 – Controversies and Conversations in Device Management
760 – Return to Play for Athletes With Cardiovascular Disease: Radical Changes in the 2015 Eligibility Guidelines
818 – Afib Pharmacologic Options Versus Interventions
1400 – Electrophysiology Section Highlights for ACC.18


Congenital Heart Disease

510 – Adult Congenital Disease is the Current Era: Impact on the Western Hemisphere: International Perspectives From the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Peruvian Society of Cardiology, and American College of Cardiology
601 – The Aorta in ACHD: Too Small or Too Big, or Just Right?
609 – Exercise in Congenital Heart Disease: Will She Make It?
624 – Blinded by Science: Bard High Versus Palmaz High
652 – Controversies in the Care of Pediatric Patients With Cardiomyopathy
665 – When Imaging Worlds Collide
680 – Building for the Future: Developing the ACHD Program
732 – Innovation in Congenital Cardiac Interventions: Featuring the Dan McNamara Keynote
748 – Personalizing Care for Single Ventricle Patients – From Fetus to Adult
763 – Technical Strategies in Staged Single Ventricle Palliation: Joint Symposium of the American Association for Thoracic Surgeons and the American College of Cardiology
816 – Congenital Heart Disease: Management of Everyday Issues


Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies

513 – The Growing International Burden of Heart Failure: International Perspectives from the Cardiological Society of India, Hellenic Society of Cardiology, and American College of Cardiology
517 – The Emerging Threat of Heart Failure in Asia: International Perspectives from the Japanese College of Cardiology, Thai Heart Association, and American College of Cardiology
522 – The Future of Coronary Disease Management: International Perspectives from the ACC Italy Chapter, Portuguese Society of Cardiology, and American College of Cardiology
602 – From Left to Right: Pulmonary Hypertension in Left Heart Disease
603 – HELP! My Patient With Heart Disease Is Now Pregnant
610 – Genetic Testing for Cardiomyopathies
611 – Contemporary Challenges in Durable Mechanical Circulatory Support
625 – Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy as a Contemporary Treatable Disease
626 – Planning Ahead: Palliative Care in End-Stage Heart Failure
639 – Emerging Therapies in Heart Failure: The Crystal Ball
640 – Key Challenges and Controversies in Heart Transplantation
653 – Cardiogenic Shock and Acute Mechanical Support Strategies
666 – International Clinical Trials in Heart Failure: Beyond Cultural Barriers; Joint Symposium of the Heart Failure Society of America and the American College of Cardiology
667 – Impact of Evolving Health Care Reforms on Heart Failure Patients
681 – Multiple Faces of HFpEF: Learning With the Experts
682 – Cardiorenal Connections in Heart Failure
694 – Putting Key Guideline Recommendations Into Day-to-Day Practice: A Case Based Approach From the Masters
695 – Revisiting Hemodynamics and Monitoring Devices
709 – Regenerative Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease: Joint Symposium of the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology
710 – Cardiac Rehabilitation in Heart Failure: Why, What, Who and How?
721 –  Use of Ejection Fraction in Heart Failure: A Tarnished Gold Standard?
722 – Heart Failure in Cancer Survivors: Cured of Cancer but Now Let’s Heal the Heart
733 – Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction: Where Do We Go From Here?
734 – Contemporary Challenges in Cardiac Amyloidosis
749 – Unanswered Questions in Cancer and Heart Failure
750 – Sweetening the Pill: New Options for Treating Diabetes in Heart Failure
751 – Biomarkers in Heart Failure: Where Are We Now and What’s the Future?
764 – Heart Failure in Frail Elderly Patients: Focus on Quality of Life
765 – RV Centric: No Longer the Forgotten Chamber
809 – Breast Cancer and the Failing Heart
1401 – Heart Failure Section Highlights for ACC.18


Interventional Cardiology

302 – Fellows Bootcamp: Interventional Basics
303 – Fellows Bootcamp: Structural Heart Disease Management
304 – Fellows Bootcamp: Coronary Disease Management
305 – Fellows Bootcamp: Peripheral Vascular Disease
409 – Late-Breaking Clinical Trials: Interventional
604 – Shock Me Once, Awe Me Twice- The Biventricular Approach to Acute Shock
605 – Case Based Decision Making With Coronary Physiology and Imaging and Evidence Behind These Decisions
606 – Transradial Mini-Symposium
614 – The Many Frontiers of Endovascular Interventions! Practical Advice From the Experts
615 – Hybrid Coronary Revascularization: Where Did It Go or Is It Here to Stay?
616 – Challenging Structural Cases by the Experts: Managing the Unexpected!
617 – Planning Through Imaging: Percutaneous Approaches to Mitral and Tricuspid Valve
629 – Quality Redefined: The Lab, the Data, and the Government and the James T. Dove Keynote
630 – Minimally Invasive Surgical and Transcatheter Technologies for MR: The Best Is Yet to Come!
631 – Complex PCI Unlimited: Learn Through Cases With Experts
632 – Make Structural Heart Great Again
643 – NCDR Cath PCI Registry for Reporting and Quality
644 – Utilizing Invasive Physiology in Daily Practice: An Evidence-based Approach
645 – Left Atrial Appendage Closure for Stroke Prevention: Are the Data Convincing?
646 – Well I’m Not Sure We Should Do That… Controversies in Interventional Cardiology
656 – PFO Closure: State of the Data
657 – Left Atrial Appendage Closure: Challenging Cases and Complications
670 – Multivessel PCI: Debates, Decisions, and Tough Calls
671 – TAVR in 2018: Changing the Landscape of Treatment Strategies for Aortic Stenosis
684 – Antiplatelet Therapy: Practical Management Pearls
685 – Improving TAVR Through Imaging: Seeing Is Believing!
686 – CTO: The Good the Bad, and the Ugly- The Learning ZONE!
687 – Emerging Role of NOACs in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease: The Balancing Act!
698 – Multi-Modality Imaging for Left Atrial Appendage Closure: Pearls From the Experts
699 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Best Cases and Worst Complications, and Lessons Learned
700 – Debates in Percutaneous Mechanical Support for Cardiogenic Shock: Joint Symposium by the Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions and the American College of Cardiology
701 – Percutaneous Approach to the Mitral Valve: REPAIR or REPLACE- That Is the Question!
713 – Walking the Fine Line: High Bleeding Risk Patient and Bleeding Avoidance Strategies
714 – Tarot Cards and Trials: Predicting the Outcomes and Implications of Ongoing RCTs
715 – DAPT: How to Choose, Which Drug, for How Long, and in Which Setting?
724 – MR Assessment and Management – Evidence Based Approach With Case Discussions
737 – Novel Approaches for Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation: A Case Based Discussion
738 – Hot Topics for the Fifth Decade of Interventional Cardiology: Joint Symposium by TCT and the American College of Cardiology
753 – Radial and Femoral Vascular Access Learn From the Experts
754 – Highway to the Danger Zone: Interventional Complications
768 – Complex Coronary Interventions: Cases and Discussion With Experts
769 – Tricuspid Regurgitation: How and When to Intervene- A Case Based Approach
775 – STEMI Hot Debates: Trials and Tribulations!
776 – Debates in the Management of High Risk Coronary Patients:  Overuse, Underuse or Just Right?
777 – TAVR Controversies in 2018: The Unknowns!
778 – Iliac and Femero-Popliteal Interventions: Techniques for Success and the Data Behind It
808 – Tough Revascularization Scenarios


Non Invasive Imaging (Echocardiography, Nuclear, PET, MR & CT)

612 – Echocardiography: What Is New and Innovative in 2018?
613 – Peri-Procedural Imaging in Structural Heart Diseases: Updates and Case Reviews
627 – Cardio-oncology Imaging: How to Do It Right
628 – Controversies in Cardiac CT
641 – Advanced Echocardiography for Complex Heart Disease: Joint Symposium of the American Society of Echocardiography and the American College of Cardiology
642 – Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Multimodality Imaging and Invasive Hemodynamics
654 – Controversies in Echocardiography
655 – Cardiovascular Molecular Imaging: Bench to Bedside
668 – The Great Debate: Should We Image Simply Because We Can?
669 – Cardiac Amyloidosis: The Right Test for the Right Patient
683 – Controversies in Cardiac MRI
696 – Unique Contributions of CMR to Clinical Cardiology: Joint Symposium of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and the American College of Cardiology
697 – Stress Echocardiography: Ischemia, Valves, Perfusion and More!
711 – Current Status of Cardiac CT: Joint Symposium of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography and the American College of Cardiology
712 – Assessment of the Patient With Severe AS in the TAVR Era
723 – Nuclear Cardiology: Application of Nuclear Imaging to Heart Failure; Joint Symposium of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and the American College of Cardiology
735 – Debates in Multimodality Imaging: Choosing the Right Test for Diagnosis, Management, Value
736 – What’s New in Nuclear Cardiology?
752 – What’s New in Cardiac CT?
766 – Practical Applications of the Updated AHA/ACC and ASE Valve Guidelines
767 – Challenging Cases in Valvular Heart Disease: Critical Role of Imaging
774 – Don’t Forget the Right Ventricle: Multimodality Imaging
804 – Imaging the Heart: Choosing Wisely
1402 – Sports and Imaging Section Highlights for ACC.18



511 – Prevention and Treatment of Myocardial Infarction in the Young: International Perspectives From the Russian Society of Cardiology, Turkish Society of Cardiology, and American College of Cardiology
515 – The Magnitude of the Problem: Dyslipidemia in the Emerging World: International Perspectives from the ACC Bangladesh Chapter, Philippine Heart Association, and American College of Cardiology
518 – International CV Centers of Excellence and CV Quality: It’s a Small World After All
525 – Risk Factors: How They Impact Health Care: International Perspectives from the ACC Mexico Chapter, ACC Dominican Republic Chapter, and American College of Cardiology
528 – Cardiovascular Disease Burden, Challenges and Strategies: International Perspectives from the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, Colombian Society of Cardiology, and American College of Cardiology
619 – Hitting the Moving Targets: Practical Considerations in Hypertension Guideline Implementation
633 – Dyslipidemia: Creating Harmony in an Ever-Changing Landscape of Guidelines
647 – Ensuring a Bright Future for Patients With T2DM: Comprehensive Risk Management
658 – Disruptive Medicine: Multi-Level Innovative Approaches to Improve Cardiovascular Health in Minority Populations: Joint Symposium of the Association of Black Cardiologists and the American College of Cardiology
673 – There’s No Sugar Coating the New Reality: Changing the Paradigm for CVD Risk Reduction in T2DM
688 – Beyond Essential Hypertension: Complex Case Studies in Resistant, Secondary, and Post-Stroke Hypertension
703 – The PCSK9 Inhibitor Era: Making the Jump to Light Speed
716 – Dying for Your Meal: How Common Dietary Factors Can Influence Mortality in CVD
717 – Managing Complex Dyslipidemias: It’s a Team Sport!
726 – Agree to Disagree: Great Debates in Hypertension
739 – Great Debates in Preventive Cardiology
740 – Precision Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Practical Strategies to Personalize CVD Prevention
756 – Eat This, Not That! Reducing CVD Risk With Food and Nutrition
770 – Aging Like a Fine Cabernet Sauvignon: Prevention in the Older Adult
771 – Thinking Out of the Box: New Targets, New Therapies, and New Approaches in ASCVD Risk Reduction
806 – Lipid Management Beyond the Basics
1403 – Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease


Pulmonary Hypertension and Venous Thrombo-embolic Disease

618 – The Many Faces of Pulmonary Hypertension: Patient and Physician Perspectives on Congenital Heart Disease, Heart Failure Preserved Ejection Fraction and Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension
672 – Great Debates in Pulmonary Hypertension
702 –  Demystifying the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: What Does a Cardiologist Really Need to Know?
725 – What’s New and Controversial in VTE Management
755 – Not All Pulmonary Hypertension Is Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
815 – Updates in PAH and PE Management



51 – Innovate or Perish: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Cardiovascular Practice I
52 – Innovate or Perish: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Cardiovascular Practice II
54 – A General Cardiologist’s Real-world Approach to Adult Congenital Heart Disease: An Interactive Intensive I – Atrial Septal Defects
55 – A General Cardiologist’s Real-world Approach to Adult Congenital Heart Disease: An Interactive Intensive II – Adult Congenital Heart Disease and Depressed EF
57 – Shared Decision Making for the Clinician: From Buzz to Bedside I: The Buzz
59 – Shared Decision Making for the Clinician: From Buzz to Bedside II: The Bedside
103 – Optimizing Symptom Management in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease: Cardiology and Palliative Care Working Collaboratively to Maximize Patient Outcomes: Pharmacology Session I
104 – Controversial Topics in Pharmacotherapy – A Case Based Panel Discussion: Pharmacology Session II
105 – Caring for the HeART of HIV Patients: Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) on Cardiovascular Health: Pharmacology Session III
106 – Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician I: Atherogenesis, Acute Coronary Syndromes and Stroke (A Symposium by Valentin Fuster)
107 – Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician II: Chronic Coronary and Systemic Disease (A Symposium by Valentin Fuster)
108 – Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician III: Sistolic & Diastolic Heart Failure (A Symposium by Valentin Fuster)
109 – Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician Session IV: Rhythm Disorders (A Symposium by Valentin Fuster)
110 – Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician Session V: Valvular Heart Disease and IHSS- 2018, Understanding and Management (A Symposium by Valentin Fuster)
400 – Opening Showcase Session Featuring the 2018 Simon Dack Keynote
401 – Joint American College of Cardiology/Journal of American College of Cardiology Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
404 – Joint American College of Cardiology/Journal of the American Medical Association Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
405 – Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
406 – Deep Dive I
408 – Joint American College of Cardiology/New England Journal of Medicine Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
410 – Best of JACC Journals and Eugene Braunwald Keynote
411 – Deep Dive II
521 – International Perspectives From the European Society of Cardiology I and American College of Cardiology: The European Heart Journal’s Year in Cardiology
620 – WIC Brown Bag Lunch Session: Women Leading the Way Throughout CV Specialties
634 – Stroke: From Intervention to Prevention
659 – Critical Care Cardiology: The Why, the Where, and the How
674 – I <3 Cardiovascular Medicine in <280 Characters: Making the Most of #SoMe
675 – Achieving the Quadruple Aim in Healthcare
727 – Payment Reform: Update From the Trenches
741 – The Nuts & Bolts of Starting a Niche CV Program at Your Institution: Heart Centers for Women, Cardio-Oncology, Sports Cardiology
780 – FIT Forum: Acing the Transition: What FITs Need to Know to Launch a Healthy, Successful Career
1404 – Early Career Professionals Section Highlights for ACC.18
1405 – Cardiovascular Management Section Highlights for ACC.18
1406 – Cardiovascular Training, FIT, and Academic Cardiology Section Highlights for ACC.18


Valvular Heart Disease

514 – The Future of Transcatheter Valve Therapy: Joint Symposium of the Chinese Society of Cardiology and American College of Cardiology
516 – Structural Heart Disease: Recognition to Repair: International Perspectives from the ACC Argentina Chapter, Spanish Society of Cardiology, and American College of Cardiology
524 – Structural Heart Disease Complications: International Perspectives from the Egyptian Society of Cardiology, Saudi Heart Association, and American College of Cardiology
529 – Structural Heart Disease: New Perspectives: International Perspectives from the German Cardiac Society, Pakistan Cardiac Society, and American College of Cardiology
621 – Prosthetic Valves: Choice, Management, and Outcomes
635 – Valvular Heart Disease Guidelines: Controversies and Future
648 – Aortic Stenosis – It Used to Be so Simple
649 – Advanced Valve Centers – A New System of Care for Valve Disease
660 – Pitfalls in Assessing Valvular Heart Disease
661 – Infectious Endocarditis: Getting the Bugs Out
676 –  Making Sense of Mitral Valve Disease: Evolving Practices
689 – TAVR vs SAVR at Age 70: Which Would You Choose?; Joint Symposium of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the American College of Cardiology
704 – The Right Stuff: Tricuspid and Pulmonic Valve Disease
718 – Optimizing Outcomes in the Era of TAVR: Risk Assessment and Beyond
742 – Toward Individualizing Care: Innovations in Valvular Heart Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
757 – Best Practices: Managing the TAVR Patient Beginning to End
758 – The Athlete With Valvular Heart Disease: Opinions From Around the World
772 –  Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Aortic Valve Regurgitation and Aortopathy
773 – Moms With Murmurs: Managing Pregnancy in Patients With Valvular Heart Disease
813 – Valvular Heart Disease Management Issues


Vascular Medicine

636 – More Than Meets the Eye: Harnessing Technology to Optimize Vascular Outcomes
677 – Vasculo-Oncology: What You Really Need To Know About Vascular and Thrombotic Complications of Cancer and Cancer Therapeutics and the Douglas P. Zipes, MD, MACC, Distinguished Young Scientist Awardee Presentation
690 – Multidisciplinary Response Teams for High-Risk PE and DVT: Respond Like a Pro
728 – Vascular Diagnoses in My Cardiology Clinic: The Master’s Approach
743 – Answering the Call of Arterial Emergencies: Rise of the Superteam!
811 – Head to Toe Vascular Disease
1407 – Peripheral Vascular Disease Section Highlights for ACC.18