Introduction to Transplant Sonography

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Introduction to Transplant Sonography


  • Indications for organ transplants
  • Scanning techniques & protocols for evaluation of renal, liver, and pancreatic transplants
  • sonographic characteristics and diagnostic criteria for evaluation of transplant dysfunction
  • Technological advancements and future ultrasound applications for evaluation of transplants



Upon completion of this enduring material, you should be able to accomplish the following:

  • State the history and recent advances in transplant surgery
  • List the different surgical techniques used for organ transplants and the implications for findings during post-operative sonography
  • Perform Imaging of the normal transplant organ and recognize common abnormal findings indicating possible transplant compromise
  • Identify Doppler ultrasound findings in the normal transplant organ and state the implications of commonly seen abnormal findings


Date of Original Release: 6/16/2014
This edition valid for credit through: 6/16/2020

Video Length: 01:28:00