Gasotransmitters (Metallobiology) 1st Edition

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by Rui Wang (Editor)

Gasotransmitters (Metallobiology) 1st Edition

by Rui Wang (Editor)

Building on the complementary information presented in Gas Sensing in Cells, this will be the first book to address the structurally independent but functionally intertwined molecular and cellular event that is gasotransmitter signalling. This book will be of interest to postgraduates and researchers in biochemistry, molecular biology and metallobiology. It will also be useful to pharmacologists and medicinal chemists investigating drugs that act by altering the production and signalling of gaseous mediators as well as toxicologists studying the toxic mechanisms of gasotransmitters in the environment.

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  • Series: Metallobiology
  • Hardcover: 301 pages
  • Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry; 1 edition (June 29, 2018)
  • Language: English