Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging 4th Edition

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Lynn N. McKinnis

Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging 4th Edition

Lynn N. McKinnis

A volume in the Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation Series

Edited by Steven L. Wolf, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Here’s everything Physical Therapists need to know about medical imaging.

This comprehensive guide helps you develop the skills and knowledge you need to accurately interpret imaging studies and understand written reports. Lynn McKinnis, 2009 winner of APTA’s Helen J. Hislop Award for Outstanding Contributions to Professional Literature, guides you every step of the way.

Begin with a basic introduction to radiology; then progress to evaluating radiographs and advanced imaging from head to toe. Imaging for commonly seen traumas and pathologies, as well as case studies prepare you to meet the most common to complex challenges in clinical and practice.

More advanced images and critical-thinking exercises as well as new Premium Resources online at DavisPluscontinue to make the 4th Edition the ideal text in a rapidly advancing field.

The Davis Digital Version lets you access the complete text online. Plus, interactive exercises reinforce the content in the text and help you identify and recognize anatomy and pathologies. Redeem the Plus Code inside new, printed texts to access these DavisPlus Premium resources.

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  • Series: Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation
  • 704 pages
  • Publisher: F.A. Davis Company; 4 edition (January 7, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • Type : PDF 
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