Foundations of Behavioral Health 1st ed. 2020 Edition

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Foundations of Behavioral Health 1st ed. 2020 Edition

This comprehensive book examines the organization, financing, delivery, and outcomes of behavioral health (i.e., alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health) services from both U.S. and global perspectives. Addressing the need for more integrative and collaborative approaches in public health and behavioral health initiatives, the book covers the fundamental issues in behavioral health, including epidemiology, insurance and financing, health inequities, implementation sciences, lifespan issues, cultural responsiveness, and policy.
Featuring insightful research from scholars in an interdisciplinary range of academic and professional fields, chapters fall into three distinct sections:
  1. Overview: Outlines the defining characteristics of behavioral health services and identifies significant challenges in the field
  2. At-Risk Populations: Explores critical issues for at-risk populations in need of behavioral health services, including children in school environments, youth in juvenile justice systems, and persons with developmental disabilities, among others
  3. Services Delivery: Presents a rationale for greater integration of health and behavioral health services, and contextualizes this explanation within global trends in behavioral health policy, systems, and services
An in-depth textbook for graduate students studying public health, behavioral health, social work policy, and medical sociology, as well as a useful reference for behavioral health professionals and policy makers, Foundations of Behavioral Health provides a global perspective for practice and policy in behavioral health. It promotes better understanding of the importance of integrating population health and behavioral health services, with an eye towards improving and sustaining public health and behavioral health from national, regional, and global perspectives.

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  • Hardcover: 386 pages
  • Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2020 edition (July 2, 2019)
  • Language: English