Emergency Department Ultrasound Case Studies

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Emergency Department Ultrasound Case Studies


  • Tachycardic Trauma Patient with Abdominal Pain
  • Lt Sided Chest Pain w/ Inspiration after MVA
  • Stab Wound Left Chest
  • Syncope and Shortness of Breath
  • Shortness of Breath and Chest Pain
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Hypotension after dialysis
  • Syncope and Hypertension
  • “My Hip Hurts”
  • RUQ Pain
  • Rising B-hCG Levels
  • Loss of Vision in Right Eye



  1. Identify evidence of cardiogenic shock, severe left ventricular dysfunction, cardiac tamponade, and pulmonary embolus
  2. Estimate central venous pressure using inferior vena cava measurements
  3. Demonstrate how to measure and evaluate an aortic aneurysm
  4. Recognize features of a retinal detachment
  5. Evaluate for free intraperitoneal fluid, pericardial effusion, and pneumothorax in a trauma patient
  6. Look for evidence of ectopic pregnancy
  7. Recognize findings consistent with acute cholecystitis


Date of Original Release: 4/25/2017
This edition valid for credit through: 4/25/2020

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