Electrophoresis & Immunofixation-Original PDF

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Electrophoresis & Immunofixation-Original PDF

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By Najat Rashid(Author), Ramnik Sood(Author)

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Immunofixation electrophoresis is the process of separating proteins in the blood (serum) or urine using an electric current to move them across a thin layer of gel. It is used to identify the presence or absence of abnormal proteins and to detect, diagnose and monitor the course and treatment of conditions associated with these proteins, including multiple myeloma and other related diseases. (Lab Test Online UK). This manual guides practitioners through the technique and interpretation of immunofixation electrophoresis. Beginning with an introduction, the book provides a step by step description of the techniques, instruments, electrophoresis patterns and their interpretation, stains used, and diseases that may be diagnosed with this process. More than 200 full colour images and illustrations enhance learning. Key points * Step by step guide to immunofixation electrophoresis * Describes different methods and their interpretation * Covers diseases that may be diagnosed using electrophoresis, including multiple myeloma * Includes more than 200 full colour images and illustrations

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  • Hardcover: 302 pages
  • Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Pub; 1 edition (July 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9350904292
  • ISBN-13: 978-9350904299