Ebook Atlas of PET/CT in Pediatric Patients

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by Angelina Cistaro (Editor)

Ebook Atlas of PET/CT in Pediatric Patients

by Angelina Cistaro (Editor)

This richly illustrated book presents the pediatric applications of PET/CT in the full range of scenarios frequently encountered in a professional setting. It opens with a thorough introduction covering the fundamental science and the clinical basis for use of PET/CT in this age group. Pitfalls and artifacts are examined, and normal variations and benign findings are carefully described. Each subsequent chapter addresses the role of PET/CT with different radiopharmaceuticals in the evaluation and management of a specific disease. The full range of oncological diseases is covered, including the rare ones. Succinct descriptions of clinical cases are included and, when appropriate, comparisons are made with other modalities. In addition, the role of PET/CT in biopsy guidance and in radiation therapy planning is explained. This book will be invaluable for residents and practitioners in nuclear medicine, radiology, oncology, radiation oncology, and nuclear medicine technology

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  • Publisher: Springer; 2014 edition (November 9, 2013)
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