Development of Antibody-Based Therapeutics: Translational Considerations & Challenges 2nd ed. 2018 Edition

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Development of Antibody-Based Therapeutics: Translational Considerations & Challenges 2nd ed. 2018 Edition

With a key focus on recent developments and advances in the field, this book provides in-depth coverage of topics fundamental to the development of targeted therapeutics. The expansion of targeted modalities in rapidly evolving therapeutic areas, such as immune-oncology, and developments with respect to combination therapies, novel technologies, and the therapeutic application of antibody-drug conjugates, are presented. Additionally, the book builds upon topics discussed in the first edition (2012) where recent innovations warrant elaboration. 
This, the second edition of Development of Antibody-Based Therapeutics: Translational Considerations, represents a comprehensive evaluation of progress in the field, which sits alongside the first edition to inform, in detail, professional and academic researchers, as well as graduate students.

Product details

  • Hardcover: 248 pages
  • Publisher: Adis; 2nd ed. 2018 edition (September 12, 2018)
  • Language: English