CT Colonography, Virtual Colonoscopy

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by Gernot Böhm (Author)

CT Colonography, Virtual Colonoscopy

by Gernot Böhm (Author)

“When reporting on a condition one encounters only that one has seen before.”

In addition to conventional colonoscopy, CT colonography (also known as virtual colonoscopy) is now established as a useful procedure for assessment of the large bowel.
The purpose of this book is to aid the investigator in understanding the method and results of the procedure, based on 55 cases collected from clinical routine. Care was taken to ensure that the cases presented here are as practice-oriented as possible so that the book may serve as a guide in everyday clinical routine.
The cases presented here are consistent: they include the patients medical history, results of the procedure and, above all, images obtained from CT colonography and/or endoscopy. When surgery was performed, the surgical procedure is mentioned and, if available, a photograph of the resection specimen is provided. All pathologies reported here were verified on histology. The corresponding findings relating to the cases in question are also mentioned.
After a short introduction the cases are divided into 7 chapters. The varying numbers of cases in the individual chapters are mainly due to the differing incidence of the respective diseases.

Chapter 1: Normal findings, non-specific inflammations, diverticulosis, chronic diverticulitis
Chapter 2: Polyps, adenomas, lipomas
Chapter 3: The many faces of colon cancer – adenocarcinoma
Chapter 4: Rare malignancies of the colon, extraintestinal tumors, extraintestinal findings
Chapter 5: Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (CIBD)
Chapter 6: Postoperative findings
Chapter 7: Further aspects for consideration


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