Clinical Abdominal Imaging Review

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Clinical Abdominal Imaging Review

Online Course

Focus on honing your abdominal imaging diagnostic skills. This special course combines 26 traditional case reviews with 6 didactic lectures with deeper insights into abdominal imaging.

Learning Outcomes and Modules

      After completing this course, the learner should be able to recognize the imaging and clinical features that allow for refinement of differential diagnosis enabling a more specific diagnosis; outline management decisions affecting a variety of commonly encountered clinical scenarios;  judge some of the more commonly encountered artifacts in abdominal imaging and describe why they occur and techniques to avoid them; and more.

Module 1

      • Liver—H. Zafar
      • Biliary Tree and Gallbladder—M. Lubner
      • Colon and Rectum—M. Feldman
      • Pancreas—S. Wells
      • Esophagus and Small Bowel—P. Liu

Module 2

      • Kidney—C. Moreno
      • Female Pelvis—S. Erickson
      • Male Pelvis—M. Heller
      • Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder—F. Souza
      • Calcifications—R. Sanyal

Module 3

      • Disorders in the Liver: Hepatic Lesion Characterization—P. Liu (didactic lecture)
      • Spleen—M. Feldman
      • Pancreas—N. Hansen
      • Mesentery and Peritoneum—R. O'Malley
      • Small Bowel—S. Wells

Module 4

      • Hysterosalpingography, Renal Cell Carcinoma—C. Moreno (didactic lecture)
      • Female Pelvis—S. Erickson
      • Male Pelvis—M. Heller
      • Kidneys/Collecting System—F. Souza
      • Retroperitoneum—M. Gulati

Module 5

      • Renal Calcification: Differential Diagnosis—M. T. Heller, MD (didactic lecture)
      • Adrenal and Retroperitoneum—M. Gulati, MD 
      • Female Pelvis—A. Kielar, MD 
      • Male Pelvis—M. A. Manning, MD
      • Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder—F. Ferreira Souza, MD 
      • Dual-Energy CT: Renal Applications—M. T. Heller, MD (didactic lecture)

Module 6

      • Small Bowel—P. Shou-Cheng Liu, MD (didactic lecture)
      • Biliary Cases—M. K. Feldman, BS, MD 
      • Stomach and Esophagus—N. Hansen, MD 
      • Pancreas—R. O'Malley, MD 
      • Liver—S.  A. Wells, MD 
      • Contemporary Issues in MR Enterography—P. Shou-Cheng Liu, MD (didactic lecture)