Biopsy Interpretation: The Frozen Section (Biopsy Interpretation Series)

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by Jerome B. Taxy (Author)

Biopsy Interpretation: The Frozen Section (Biopsy Interpretation Series)

by Jerome B. Taxy (Author)

      The Second Edition of Biopsy Interpretation: The Frozen Section, a volume in the Biopsy Interpretation Series, addresses the frozen section, which is one of several intraoperative consultative options. It illustrates the practical use of the frozen section in the management of clinical problems, especially tumors. The demands of patient care require knowledge of the assets and limitations of the frozen section, including the practical techniques of its execution, interpretation, and the communication of its results. Although the frozen section is the focus, the central idea behind this book is intraoperative consultation and patient management.

      This edition features updates to the organ system based chapters as well as a revised chapter on pediatric pathology. Two new chapters on hematopathology and a review of published literature have also been added.

      The goal of this book is to not only provide updated information on the practice of frozen section, but also to help explain the role the general surgical pathologist can play in the treatment of patients.



      Histologic illustrations are actual frozen sections, with artifacts


      Updated and expanded text


      Emphasis is placed on the morphologic expertise of the surgical pathologist in standard hematoxylin and eosin sections and imprints



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