Advanced Ultrasound Techniques for the Foot and Ankle

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Advanced Ultrasound Techniques for the Foot and Ankle



  • Calcaneofibular ligament,
  • Static and dynamic
  • Subtalar joint
  • Inframalleolar peroneal
  • Distal peroneals
  • Os peroneum


  • Peroneals
  • Superior peroneal retinaculum
  • Low lying brevis
  • Quartus muscle belly


  • Anterior talofibular ligament
  • Static and dynamic
  • AITFL, static and dynamic
  • Anterolateral gutter
  • Soft tissue or bony Walin lesion


  • Achilles
  • Kager's fat pad
  • Retrocalcaneal bursa impingement
  • Os trigom injections
  • Subtalar joint



Upon completion of this enduring material, you should be able to accomplish the following:

  • Identify the relationship of the peroneal tendons to the superior peroneal retinaculum and calcaneofibular ligament
  • Evaluate the integrity of the calcaneofibular, anterior inferior tibiofibular and anterior talofibular ligaments with dynamic ultrasound examination
  • Determine the safest approaches for injecting the ankle and midfoot joints
  • Recognize the sonographic findings of 1st MTP joint gout
  • Evaluate medial ankle tendons, ligaments and neurovascular structures with ultrasound


Date of Original Release: 3/10/2016
This edition valid for credit through: 3/10/2019

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