3D Echo: A Simplified Approach

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3D Echo: A Simplified Approach



  • Anatomy and Physiology of a Left Ventricle Volume
  • Basic Interpretation of 3D data
  • Indications for 3D Volume Imaging
  • Contraindications for 3D Volume Imaging
  • Identifying Commonly Seen Artifacts
  • Live Demonstration of 3D Volume Acquisition



  • State indications and contraindications for 3D volume imaging
  • Assess volume data
  • Recognize new artifacts such as stitching, triggering, and opacification
  • Analyze basic 3D data for interpretation
  • Recognize anatomy on acquired 3D data set


Date of Original Release: 4/25/2017
This edition valid for credit through: 4/25/2020

Video Length: 00:53:00