2019 Live Surgery With Enrico Robotti Open Rhinoplasty Course

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By Enrico Robotti, MD

2019 Live Surgery With Enrico Robotti Open Rhinoplasty Course

By Enrico Robotti, MD

Dr. Robotti performs six surgeries as part of the 2019 Live Surgery Open Rhinoplasty Course. Step-by-step operative technique from markings to closure and dressing is included in each case, supplemented with clinical photos, and analysis of cone-beam CT and 3-D renderings. Viewers will benefit from technical pearls regarding the use of power tools and piezo for osteoplasty/osteotomy/septoplasty and dorsal management by structural reconstruction, as well as cartilaginous pushdown to rebuild or preserve natural and aesthetic dorsal lines.

The new piezo-assisted turbinoplasty is demonstrated in four cases, and the usefulness of various new instruments is also shown. Complete details of finesse rib grafting for secondary reconstruction are fully demonstrated in three cases, along with the innovative Sandwich of Perichondrium, rib Lamina, and rectus Fascia technique (SPLF) for precise dorsal reconstruction. Dr. Robotti’s comments and Q&A between surgeon and audience enhance the educational value of this video collection.

Surgeries include:

Case 1
Primary, 38-year-old male, large nose with major hump

Case 2
Primary, 24-year-old female, deviated nose with hump, septal deformity

Case 3
Primary, 26-year-old female, pinched middle third and tip deformity

Case 4
Secondary, 33-year-old male, secondary, deviated nose with saddling, tip deformity/asymmetry, pinching, and alar retraction

Case 5
Secondary, 56-year-old female, secondary, boxy and pinched tip, dorsal and infratip irregularities

Case 6
Secondary, 53-year-old female, tertiary, wide middle vault, septal fistula, overshortened and overrotated tip, overresected lateral crura with pinching and external valve insufficiency

Available in HD Streaming or on 6 DVDs.  Over 11 hours of operative video.  2020.