Writing High-Quality Medical Publications: A User's Manual 1st Edition

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by Stephen W Gutkin (Author)

Writing High-Quality Medical Publications: A User's Manual 1st Edition

by Stephen W Gutkin (Author)

The imperative to "publish and not perish" has never been more compelling. Yet millions of manuscripts are prepared each year without a clear path to publication by a peer-reviewed medical journal. Enter "The Gutkin Manual." Drawing from the author's distinguished, nearly 30-year career, this comprehensive and supportive guide helps to get your paper accepted―and by the journal of first choice. Elucidating pivotal principles of quality, and biostatistics, and informed by the belief that your writing can be engaging, elegant, and memorable―no matter how technical and complex the subject matter, this volume can be your trustworthy companion as you seek to enhance both the structure and substance of your manuscripts.

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  • Hardcover : 506 pages
  • Publisher : CRC Press; 1st Edition (July 6, 2018)
  • Language: : English