SketchyPharm 2018 (Videos+Images)

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SketchyPharm 2018 (Videos+Images)

Our comprehensive videos cover medical school microbiology, pharmacology, and pathology through illustrations of unique and unforgettable scenes. These guided sketches help you create a memory palace by associating medical topics with memorable visual elements.


Recurring Symbols

Symbol placement and compartmentalization allow for rapid differential diagnosis and a quick elimination of answer choices

Concept Grouping

Related concepts in our courses are congruent throughout all videos, giving an edge on questions that rely on association

Review Images

Labeled images of each scene make reviewing quick and effective by utilizing the interactive “hotspots” Learn More


      • Autonomic Drugs
      • Cardiovascular & Renal
      • Blood & Inflammation
      • Smooth Muscle
      • GI & Endocrine
      • Neuro/Psych
      • Antimicrobials
      • Antineoplastics

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