Medical Tests in Context: Innovations and Insights

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by Randi Minetor  (Author)

Medical Tests in Context: Innovations and Insights

by Randi Minetor  (Author)

This encyclopedia examines more than 125 of the most important and commonly performed medical tests, providing readers with information about how and why they are performed and how each test contributes to monitoring health and diagnosing and treating medical conditions.

Whether it's to proactively monitor health, diagnose a condition, or assess how well a particular treatment is working, we all undergo a variety of medical tests throughout our lives. While these tests provide valuable information for doctors and patients, they can sometimes carry significant risks, provide ambiguous or incorrect results, or raise more questions than they answer. Contrary to what some may think, medical testing isn't a simple "yes or no" science carried out by computers in a lab―it is a dynamic process that relies heavily on human detective work and interpretation.


Medical Tests in Context: Innovations and Insights highlights more than 125 tests performed across a wide range of medical specialties. Each entry in this encyclopedia follows a standardized format that provides readers with information about how, when, and why the test is conducted; the preparation and risks; how results are determined and where errors might occur; and its history. A collection of case studies offers real-world examples of the successes―and shortcomings―of medical testing.

• Improves readers' understanding of the role medical tests play in the diagnosis of a wide range of medical conditions and the ways that tests work together to create a detailed picture of an individual's health

• Provides a concise explanation of more than 125 tests following a standardized format, covering topics such as each test's history, current usage, and reliability

• Includes real-world scenarios that illustrate the complex nature of medical testing and how doctors use tests as just one of many tools to diagnose and treat patients

• Explains in plain language the science behind each test and its place in the overall diagnostic processd


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