Female Infertility: Core Principles and Clinical Management 1st Edition

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by Bryan Woodward  (Author), Jyant Mehta (Author)

Female Infertility: Core Principles and Clinical Management 1st Edition

by Bryan Woodward  (Author), Jyant Mehta (Author)

Infertility affects an estimated 50 million women worldwide and has a wide range of causes including eating disorders, smoking, chemotherapy, diseases such as STIs, as well as genetic factors and malformations. The preliminary assessment and diagnosis involves a potentially broad array of lab and imaging tests, physical examination and potentially genetic tests, after which a management plan is selected depending on the woman’s age, the cause(s) and duration of the infertility. Female Infertility: Core Principles and Clinical Management provides clinicians with a comprehensive understanding of how best to overcome infertility using the various treatment options now available. The book opens with an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system before describing the assessment and investigative tools used in primary and secondary healthcare settings. Subsequent chapters describe how to secure optimum functionality of the ovaries, the measurement of ovarian reserves, stimulation protocols and the process of oogenesis and oocyte collection.

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  • Hardcover: 250 pages
  • Publisher: Jaypee UK; 1 edition (December 31, 2018)
  • Language: English