Challenges in Hematopathology

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Challenges in Hematopathology

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Hematopoietic neoplasms are highly heterogeneous, composed of numerous clinicopathologic subtypes and variants, and may present at many organ sites. The diagnostic evaluation of lymphomas and hematopoietic neoplasms presenting at nodal and extra-nodal sites requires careful integration of histologic, immunophenotypic, clinical and molecular features. Furthermore, rapid advances in the genetic/genomic understanding of these diseases pose a significant challenge to staying abreast of the diagnostic criteria, immunophenotypic and molecular prognostic/therapeutic markers that have clinical impact. This is underscored by diminishing sample sizes in biopsies of extra-nodal lesions and needle core biopsies of lymph nodes. In addition, the role of the pathologist as integrators of information is expanding rapidly.

This educational activity will highlight practical aspects representing important changes that impact the diagnostic approach to challenging extra-nodal hematopoietic neoplasms, cutaneous lymphomas, T-cell lymphomas and needle core biopsies from lymph nodes.

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Challenging Extranodal Hematopoietic Neoplasms - Joseph Khoury, MD  

Section: 2 Presentations 1 Assessment 1 Document 1 Certificate 1 Survey

Cutaneous Lymphomas - Alejandro A. Gru, MD  

Section: 2 Presentations 1 Assessment 2 Documents 1 Certificate 1 Survey

Challenging LN Needle Core Biopsies - Megan Lim, MD, PhD  

Section: 2 Presentations 1 Assessment 1 Document 1 Certificate 1 Survey

T Cell Lymphomas - Nathanael Bailey, MD  

Section: 2 Presentations 1 Assessment 1 Document 1 Certificate 1 Survey

Overview of the WHO Classification and Updates in the Revised 4th Edition - Elaine Jaffe, MD  

Section: 1 Presentation 1 Assessment 1 Document 1 Certificate 1 Survey