Advances in Health and Disease. Volume 12

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Lowell T. Duncan (Editor)

Advances in Health and Disease. Volume 12

Lowell T. Duncan (Editor)


The opening chapter of Advances in Health and Disease. Volume 12 suggests that antiviral treatments and drug resistance requires further research. Likewise, there is a necessity for research based on clinical trials in both human and animal models, aimed at introducing new drugs with proven efficacy that are devoid of side effects for the treatment of influenza in the pediatric population.

Following this, the authors demonstrate that foreign body aspiration should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of pediatric hemoptysis.

After a brief description of the complex relationship between circulating ovarian hormones and the estrogens biosynthesis that occurs in normal breast adipose tissue, the authors discuss the impact of abnormal weight gain on the risk of breast cancer.

The present study aims to address how sildenafil treats multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetic encephalopathy and Parkinson’s, thus clarifying its mechanism of action.

The updated knowledge on the possible benefits of sildenafil and its homologues in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and other common diseases is also reviewed.

One section explores its author’s experience contracting measles to elucidate the importance of continual research into treating this virus.
Next, the authors determine that vasopressin plays an important role in the development of schizophrenia-like symptoms, however, its possible pathogenic or therapeutic role during the course of the disease should be analyzed in more focused experiments.

The diagnosis of dysentery in massive flood areas is discussed, particularly focusing on endoscopy, ultrasound scan, microscopic stool examinations and other advanced diagnostic tests.

In closing, the authors review the current knowledge on the utility of tyrosine kinases for the molecular classification of bladder cancer and discuss different therapeutic approaches.


Publication Date: July 2019
Status: Available
264 pages